Creating the Ultimate Home Theater

Everyone dreams about having the perfect setting in their house to watch a movie. People have been trying to replicate the experience they have in the movie theater to much success. The types of home movie theaters differ depending on the means of the person that’s trying to build them. A wealthier person will go all out and produce something that’s exactly like your local movie theater. Average people would purchase a big television and a comfortable chair to put in the most laid back room of their house and good lighting. To learn about lighting click here. It doesn’t matter what you put into your home theater as long as it creates the best viewing experience for you. With the multitude of different sites that are selling supplies for home theaters out there, you sould have no problem getting the most bang for your buck. You have to look around at the most locations possible in an effort to get the best deal.Home-Theatre-Design

The main part of your home theater is the surface on which you view your television shows or movies. If you don’t have the money to invest in the other parts of your theater, you should at least put it into this one area. In the case of theater screens and larger television sets, you’re going to get what you pay for if you decide to spend less than what you originally planned. You want a viewing surface that comes with all of the bells and whistles while also saving you considerable amounts of money in the process. Sometimes this is hard to come by, but you have to look hard enough to locate what you need. There are other people out there who are looking for great deals just like you. You have to be that much more persistent in order to keep them at bay for as long as possible. There’s no reason for you not to save money in multiple areas of your home improvement project.

Home theaters are things that most of us might think are out of reach. Little do we know that with a little bit of planning we can get the home theater of our dreams. It’s important to go into this project without any expectations. They have a plan in place for what they’re going to do for their home theater. If they have a plan that’s too ambitious, they’re going to end up going far beyond the original budget they set before the project started. The stuff that you purchase for your home theater doesn’t have to be top of the line. Some items might have new models out, but those recent releases aren’t far off from their previous counterparts. You have to weigh using one piece of equipment over another and determine what will be best for your theater. It doesn’t matter what devices you choose as long as they work together in the right way to produce the best experience. Your home theater needs to work to meet your needs, not those of the people who might have come into your life late.

Recent Screen Adaptations


Cover of "The Perks of Being a Wallflower...

Movies have been turning more and more towards adapting books to the big screen. Just about every popular movie in recent times has been adapted from a book or series, such as The Hunger Games, Twilight, and Harry Potter. Over the course of the next few months there will be many more like this that are projected to be very popular.


The Perks of Being A Wallflower is an adaptation of Stephen Chbosky’s young adult book. This is a story about coming of age in a realistic high school environment and what it is like to be that age. Many films have been made about the subject, but not are expected to be as popular as this one. Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller, and Paul Rudd are the stars in this upcoming hit.


Cloud Atlas is another adaptation from David Mitchell’s famous science fiction novel. This book is huge and many were skeptical that it would live up to the expectations. It deals with the recurring lives of people and the way that stories repeat themselves. The trailer itself is five minutes long and seems to tell the whole story, but those who have gone to the pre-screenings say that it is another Inception. This movie is scheduled to debut October 26th of this year.


Anna Karenina is based on the famous book by Leo Tolstoy that many have put on their must-read lists but few have actually gotten to it. It is a dense book, but the cast of this movie will make it a must read after watching it.

Top Outdoor Date Ideas

fun date ideasDuring the next few months, don’t be afraid to take advantage of the wonderful summer weather. It allows you to get creative with outdoor dates and opens up windows for some fun activities. We know that it can be hard to come up with creative ideas for dates, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorites.

1. Kite flying. Go to a local park and find the perfect spot for flying kites. If you are feeling extra creative, you can make the kites before you go fly them. This date allows time for conversation and getting to know one another.

2. Go hiking. Summertime if perfect for exploring. Find a hike that neither of you have ever done and go on the adventure together. This date also allows for great conversation.

3. Water adventures. Find a nearby lake or river and choose a fun water activity. Rafting or tubing is always a fun activity for a date.

4. Hot tubing. For a fun night date, hot tubing is always a great idea. Bull Frog Spas portable spas and hot tubs have a variety of options if you are looking into buying one for yourself.

5. Play a sport. Summer is prime time for playing sports outside. Volleyball, golf, baseball, and kickball are all great options. Plus, this lets you get a look into the competitive side of your date.

Soak in all of summer that you can. Your date will have a blast with any of these activities and will appreciate that you took the time to plan it out in advance and to plan something fun for the summer.

Planning A Trip To The BCS National Championship

2007_BCS_National_ChampionshipFootball is an amazing sport to watch on TV. If you’ve ever been to a sports bar or sports restaurant you’ll know that adding fans into the mix really changes the show into a good show into an exciting adventure, but if you’ve ever been to a game, it makes it even more amazing.


The problem about some football games is the process of getting there, especially if you wanted to go see the BCS National Championship. Not easy to get a plane going to its current location, a lot of them will be booked if you aren’t booking months in advance. Even if you aren’t in trouble because all of the seats on the plane are taking, a great idea for a great time would be to book an air charter service. Not only does it allow you for a way to fly in class, you won’t have to wait out at the airport for your flight, you can have it ready to go whenever you want. You can also bring a ton of buddies with you to go see the game, as you have tons of seats and you’ll certainly want people to fill them. Having friends with you when you go see the game just makes the experience a lot better. They can also help you with the cost of getting the air charter service, which means that the trip will be a lot more affordable.


After you have your amazing plane ride all planned out, the next thing you need to figure out is how you’re going to have your tailgate party. Have people plan on bringing certain foods or bringing money for food. If someone’s up for it they could bring a grill, and you can just have a barbecue quickly and it’d make the experience a lot more entertaining. Choose a good charcoal or wood for your grill as well as fine ingredients for your burgers. You can have someone hand make them or buy pre-made ones. The choice is yours. You can make the best food on your grill, and you’ll definitely want to have the best food for the party. And to go with that amazing food you’ll want to get some of the best brews. Look into local breweries or just head to the store and get some name brands. Whatever you choose, make sure everyone will enjoy it. If anyone isn’t interested in drinking alcohol, get some coke or other soda products for them to enjoy. Just make sure that everyone in your group is having a good time, and your own enjoyment will reflect it.

Home Theater Ideas

simple-home-movie-roomThe dream of anyone who owns a home is to have a home theater in the other room. They think that this fantasy is reserved only for rich people who have houses with 15 rooms. Little do they know that home theaters are more affordable than they originally thought. Every home improvement project is well within the budget of a majority of the population as long as they go about it in the right way. It’s tempting to want to throw down thousands of dollars on an addition to your house. This approach might produce the best finished product, but it will set you back too far financially. You should wait until you have enough money saved up before you start working on your next home improvement project. Putting everything on credit will make the project move faster; however, you will have to pay back every dollar you spend on supplies. You might think that you will just have to pay the full purchase price you saw when you bought the stuff. You will pay back that amount plus the considerable extras tacked on through high interest rates. The interest rates associated with most credit cards almost make using them not worth it whatsoever. In this economy, you have to be careful in how you put together your home theater. A theater is not worth squandering what little financial security you have built over time.

The phrase “home theater” could mean a number of different things. People think about the cinema and $8 movie tickets when they think of the phrase. Other people have a simpler image of a nice flat screen television or a drop down screen and a projector with a popcorn machine in the corner. Your idea of a home theater is going to be different from everyone else’s. It doesn’t matter how you look at it. Any possible incarnation of a home theater is possible depending on how you budget it. You could get the same result as a person who has a lot of money on a tighter budget. Purchase older models of projecting equipment than the new, shiny, top-of-the-line models. These older models will produce the same result as their more expensive counterparts. You might lose out on a few extraneous features, but those features aren’t put in there for the average user. They’re in there for someone who knows their way around projectors. You won’t lose out on anything if you go without these features.

Home theaters don’t have to have luxurious seating. You could put in some metal chairs or a couch or two you found at your local thrift store. You don’t need fancy leather seats or chairs that have speakers and all sorts of other gadgets in them. The best way to approach building your home theater is to always keep an eye on the simplest approach. It will help you out and see to it that your project will be finished in a timely manner. Too many people decide to go all out and put together a plan that’s not in any way feasible. One great thing to do is make your home theater near a bathroom so people don’t have to go far during an epic film. If you don’t have a bathroom near an open room you can look for plumbing Dallas Texas to fix you up.




Taking A Summer Road Trip To Visit MLS Stadiums

Real Salt Lake StadiumSummer is a great time for a road trip, and nothing says fun like visiting all of the Major League Soccer stadiums starting with that of Real Salt Lake (RSL) in Salt Lake City.  RSL has delivered some of the best soccer in the major leagues.  They haven’t surpassed the Utah Jazz yet, but they look like they are capable of doing so.  Starting off at the home stadium of one of the best teams in the league gives the family the opportunity to decide what else they would like to do while visiting MLS stadiums in the United States and Canada.

Heading north on Interstate 15, the family can pass through Boise, Idaho on its way to Jeld-Wen Stadium in Portland.  Home of the Portland Timbers, The stadium makes a good jumping of point to visit stadiums in Washington and in British Colombia, which means that the family can get their passports stamped at the border.

Heading east through Colorado offers the opportunity to see two stadiums relatively close to Salt Lake City –Dick’s Sporting Goods Park.  Kansas City, Kansas has Livestrong Sporting Park.

California has two parks – one in the bay area for the San Jose Earthquakes and one in Los Angeles that is home to the Galaxy and to Chivas USA.  Texas also has two teams – one in Dallas and one in Houston.

The east coast offers the greatest concentration of stadiums per mile traveled even with throwing in Montreal, Quebec’s stadium.  The other stadiums on the east coast can be found in Foxborough, Massachusettes; Harrison, New Jersey; Chester, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.

The Midwest has teams in Columbus, Ohio and Bridgeview Illinois, with Toronto, Ontario’s stadium just to the north.

The locations of these stadiums all offer something unique to the vacationer, and a family or a group of friends that is making the trek across country in a road vehicle will have the opportunity to see some of the greatest sites that America has to offer.  Portland has Multnomah Falls, Seattle has the Space Needle, and British Colombia is known for its gardens.  Colorado has Pike’s Peak and Kansas City is on the confluence of the Missouri and Kansas rivers.

The point is that all of these great MLS stadium locations offer some great opportunities to learn about the U.S., but for those who are on a super tight budget maybe the only exploration they need to do is in their own back yard starting with the home of RSL, Rio Tinto Stadium.  Salt Lake City has some great hiking opportunities and unique outings within a stone’s throw of the stadium.  The advantage of visiting the stadium shouldn’t be overlooked just because it is close to home.

Old is New

Recently, there has been a movement to revamp old shows and make them appealing to a more modern and diverse audience. Movies have made things like Star Trek and comic books popular again. They have brought back G.I. Joe and even have given life to board games like Battleship. TV shows are seeming to do the same thing, but they have been on the trend for longer.

Doctor Who is an older show that has been going on since 1963. It took a break for the nineties, but then came back stronger than ever in 2005. There have been around thirty seasons and has become one of the most popular shows in the UK. This show has a fan base that spans from everyone age six to ninety-six. The most recent season has been the best as far as graphics go, but the story lines for all of them is brilliant and keeps you hooked. There is something in it for everyone because each episode is different. This is a great show to watch with your family and it keeps you interested until the end. Each Doctor is different.

The premise may sound strange to many people, but the idea of regeneration really works with the show and does not detract from the story at all. The Doctor is from a race called the Time Lords, they lived for hundreds of years and were able to regenerate if given the time to do so. They all died in a horrible war and the Doctor is the last of them left. He goes through all of time and space to save various species and events that are key to the progression of the universe. This is an oldie that does not seem to be going anywhere.

Sherlock Holmes has been featured in many different mediums. Recently, there was a movie about it with Robert Downey Jr. and now there are a couple of TV shows about it. The most popular of which is on PBS and is called Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch is Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman is Doctor John Watson. The plot takes place in modern London and uses everything modern. Watson blogs and important messages are sent via texting. This show was actually written partly by the main writer for Doctor Who, Steven Moffat. For the show, they actually use similar names as those in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle books. There has been “The Hounds of Baskerville” and “A Scandal in Belgravia” which directly correlate to the original literary works.

Cumberbatch brings a fresh voice to Sherlock Holmes and makes him much more modern. He works with various modern devices and is sharp and quick when it comes to scientific equipment and such. He brings Sherlock to yet another generation and gives them an experience unlike any other. Freeman also gives Watson a kick that was unexpected before. He is not content to just sit back, he has a fire to prove himself and make wrong right. He is also deeply devoted to Sherlock and stays by his side through everything. This is brilliantly written and acted and really is a pleasure to watch.

Tips For Going To A Sporting Event As A Date

Sporting event dateGoing on a date with your significant other equals movies and dinner.  Don’t limit yourself to those types of dating venues.  Think outside the box and take your loved one to a sporting event.  A sporting event can work if both are interested in the same sport.  A person can also go just to make the other person happy which, in turn, will make you happy.  To make the date a success here are some tips to think about.

Think about where to take your date.  The goal is to watch the game so use your sporting event interests and see what will work with the date.  Some sports consist of baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, wrestling and hockey.  Some games are more intense and rowdy than others so choose wisely.  Think about the time, day and sports seasons.  For example, night games may sound romantic but it may be less rowdy at day games.  Think about you and the other person when making plans.  Get discounts if available.  Know directions to and from the stadium.  Plan on what you should do after the game.  Will the date consist of another venue or is this the venue?  If another venue is in the works what and where will it be?

Most people make the mistake of going to the sporting event as an excuse to see the game live and not care about the date beside him.  This date is not about you; the date is about the game AND the person beside you.  Look at the other person in-between quarters or halftime.  Talk to the person and have a conversation.  Chat about the game and teach them the game rules if there is a misunderstanding.  If there is a conversation while the game is going acknowledge the person instead of telling them to wait until the team can score.

There are rude people in games no matter where you go or how a person prepares for the outing.  Take time to teach the date rules of sporting events.  In addition to telling the date the rules of the game, the date needs to know how to behave around others in sporting events.

It is a date after all so it is best to groom.  Shave the face and/or groom the beard/mustache.  Men should use safety razors to make sure they get that close shave your significant other loves.  Take a shower and wear cologne.  Wear the appropriate clothes–the setting is different from a formal dinner so look presentable and comfortable.  Foam fingers and team jerseys are a must.  Representing the team may be in the blood but go easy with the face paint–unless the significant other is into it–because it can freak out the date.

Types of Fans

Sports games attract all sorts of people. There are so many different kinds of people out there that it is hard to really generalize any kind of category of people. However, it is easy to figure out what kind of a person you are if you can combine different generalizations and understand yourself better. So here are some fan types that you may or may not be. You might see bits of yourself in these categories.

PDA Pair. At any sports game there is always that one couple that kisses all the time. Sometimes it is just a peck, but other times it is more and it really is very distracting for the people around you. Don’t do it. Between innings, fine. But try not to do it during the actual game because the people sitting behind you cannot see. That being said, if you are going somewhere on a first date, then a baseball game is great because you can talk and find out about each other. But, try not to go to a game where one of you have an emotional investment in one of the teams because then you might see a side of the other person that you do not really want to this early in a relationship.

The Potty Mouth. Every single game has one of them, and they have a talent of making all the people around them uncomfortable. Dropping an f-bomb all the time does not mean that the team will do better, it just means that everyone else looks at you like you are from the trailer park. Yeah, you can get a little bit upset, but you do not need to be dropping words that would make the kids around you cry. It is obnoxious and selfish, allow yourself to grow up and learn how to express yourself in ways that do not offend the people around you.

The drunk. If you get drunk, then you could quite easily become one of the other fan types that we have talked about. It depends on the kind of drunk that you are, but really drinking can quickly elevate the maturity level around your area to something uncomfortable. There are kids there and if you know that you are a bad drunk, then just don’t do it. Wait until you get home because otherwise you can alienate people around you.

The nice guy. Everyone loves this kind of fan. They are the ones that can get into the game and be shouting, but they respect the referee’s calls (when they are correct) and they can appreciate a good move on the part of the other team. They have their favorite team, of course. But they understand that everyone is human and teams are just made of a bunch of people like them. The Nice Guy is also the one to catch the game ball and give it to the little kid behind them or in front who was not tall enough to actually catch the ball. This is the best fan there is out there.

Take a deep breath when you go to games because there are some crazy people around you that could annoy you. Just make sure that you are not being a bit of a hypocrite.

A Night at the Oscars and Reviewing The Help

The Help birthday sceneAs I watched the Academy Awards a few weeks ago I reminisced about my favorite Oscar moments and some of the great actors that have come and gone. I thought about 2009 Oscars where we saw the cute Indian kids from Slum Dog Millionaire steal the show and the touching moment while Heath Ledger was posthumously awarded Best Supporting Actor for his role in Dark Knight.

I always love the Oscars because it reminds me of how great movies are, they bring people together, help us escape from our own life, and can even teach us life lessons. I thought about the movies in this year’s Oscars we had Hugo, Midnight in Paris, Moneyball, and The Help. They were all fantastic in their own way.

I am a stereotypical guy, I love action movies. I don’t typically watch a lot of chick-flick movies but my girlfriend has convinced me to watch way more chick-flicks than I would like to admit to. She begged me to watch The Help probably twenty times before I agreed. Maybe it was because my mom also loved it and she was bugging me to watch it. She loves the sappy movies I have a hard time with so I thought it probably was going to be one of those. Boy was I wrong.

The Help is a movie that is set during the 1960’s and focuses on African American maids. Racism abounds in this movie and I’ll be honest it made me a bit uncomfortable in some spots because I don’t do well with racism.

There are 3 main characters, 2 African American maids, and a daughter of a prominent white cotton farm owner.  Skeeter (the daughter of the cotton farm owner) comes back from college and wants to be a writer. Skeeter realizes how unjust the maids are treated and wanted to write a book telling what life is really for an African American maid. She begins to collect stories from the maids on how they were treated and then with the help of her publisher is able to create a book of stories telling the real story. Writing this book caused backlash not only from the African American society but also with the white people in her town.

This movie deals with overcoming racial barriers and customs, it also explores the lives and morals of Southern society. I believe it was extremely well done and even with dealing with a difficult subject has some very funny parts. I am glad that I watched the movie and would recommend it to anyone.

I have not read the book “The Help” which the movie was based on but it is on my list of books to read.