Great Comic Books

Great Comic BooksA visit to a newsstand reveals a wide collection of comic books sitting next to newspapers and periodicals. You recall how you would read them all night long. You could not wait for your parents to buy the next edition. Comics are printed in a way that appeals to both children and adults. There is a storyline that is told in an illustrated manner. The graphics are masterfully done. Every comic represents a hero and a villain. The most interesting thing about comics is that there is no shortage. Dozens are released every week which translate to thousands of copies in a year. In order to build collection of great comics, here’s what you should do:

Identify your genre

With hundreds of titles to choose from, the task of building a collection can be overwhelming. Try visiting a bookstore one day and go to the comics section. You will be amazed at just how many titles there are. Since you have to start from somewhere, identify a genre that you love. It could be science fiction, horror and superhero, medical or social life. By narrowing down your options, it becomes easy to choose titles that go with it.

Locate a comic store nearby

Do some research and find comic stores in your town. Look for comics that go along with your select genres. If you are buying comics for children, they should have pictures that children will love. For you, strong story lines will do. A quick flip through a comic book will give you a hint of what to expect. Check in the preface section for a synopsis on the comic. Choose the titles that have interested you and try them out.

Browse comic titles online

Comic lovers worldwide use the internet to find out which releases are trending. Every year, the adventure stories change but you can always start from somewhere. Read online reviews as these will enlighten you on titles hot from the press as well as what other people are reading. You can also join comic enthusiast groups on social media.

Join a subscription plan

Since comics come out on a periodic basis, subscribing for them minimizes chances of missing out on an edition. Locate the page on the first comic you have bought where the publishers have out a subscription form. Fill and mail it to the address indicated together with your payment. The mode of payment is always specified and you even have a choice between several methods. Online subscription is also possible and is, by far, the most convenient method.

Remember to state your mailing address carefully so as to avoid instances of losing your package. You could also arrange with a comic store to have them keep aside copies of your favorite titles. Visit for a collection of interesting and exciting comics.

Why the Watch is Making a Huge Comeback as a Fashion Accessory

watchA few years ago, a watch was an essential feature for telling time. But now, with everyone carrying smartphones, watches as a timekeeping device are all but obsolete. So why are watches making such a comeback today? Here’s a look at what makes the watch such a great fashion accessory.

The Return of the Watch

Despite the prevalence of mobile devices, watches are still superior in terms of convenience for timekeeping. And what’s more, watches also look great, and can really enhance an outfit. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest trends in watches right now.

Bold and Colourful Watches

These days, many watches are going bold. Bright colours and big lines are the name of the game. This is a good way to spice up an outfit, or accentuate an already bold look. If colours are your thing, try a watch with a replaceable strap. That way you can change out your strap to suit each outfit. Wearing dark colours? Try a bold, bright strap for a splash of colour. Going for a pastel look? A pastel-toned watchstrap is ideal. The possibilities are virtually endless, and trying each one can be a fashion adventure.

Watches for Formal Events

Do you have a formal event to attend? A formal watch is a great way to add some elegance and style to your look. What better way to sparkle than to add some jewellery to your wrist with a sparkling, diamond-studded watch? Or if you prefer a more refined type of elegance, the subtlety of a gold or silver watch can really ground your look. For some great options in formal watches, check out Omega watches at Goldsmiths – there you’ll find great brands as well as some amazing deals.

Watches for Casual Wear

Watches aren’t just formal accessories either. These days, the watch is making a huge comeback as an everyday fashion essential. Watches as a casual accessory give you lots of room to play around, so feel free to have fun and try new things. There are less rules for casual watches, so you can pretty much go with any watch style you like for everyday wear – canvas, leather, silver, black, white, pink – try mixing things up and see what you come up with. Watches are also great for dressing up a more casual outfit. Need to appear more professional but want to remain casual? Try a gold or silver watch with your outfit. Want to dress casually but still dress to impress? Why not show off a bit of bling with a bejewelled watch?

As you can see, even though watches are seen as less of a practical essential these days, they are still very much seen as a fashion essential. Watches are great because there is just so much you can do with them. They can help you to dress up a casual outfit, or vice-versa. They can add an important splash of colour to an outfit. Most important of all, they simply look great.

Nursing Interviews Can Be Very Tough: Here Are a Few Tips for Success

nursingRandstad jobs are an excellent place to start when a person is searching for nursing positions. Planning an interview for a job in healthcare can be challenging and stressful, but with a few straightforward guidelines and some preparation, a nursing interview can go smoothly. The following pointers are explained in this article: understanding the question; the importance of teamwork; clarity in communication; and how flexibility can make or break an interview. Read ahead to ensure the interview process goes as smoothly as possible.

Understand the Question

Oftentimes, during an interview, a candidate does not take the time to fully understand the question before they begin to provide a response to the question. It is acceptable to ask the interviewer to clarify the question, with more description, so that the question can be answered appropriately. Asking for clarification can actually be a positive thing because the interviewer will see how the candidate is conscientious of providing a thorough response.


In the nursing field, teamwork skills are absolutely essential. For a person to be able to thrive in their nursing career, it is very important that they are able to adapt to changing environments, which includes working with new colleagues on an ongoing basis. It is highly valuable, during the interview, for a candidate to demonstrate their ability to work as a team member.


An excellent nurse is a person who is able to communicate their needs and other important information to their colleagues, and also to the interviewer. Communication skills do not necessarily mean that a person cannot make a mistake during an interview. Communication skills can mean that a person is quick to say that they are nervous for the interview, for example. Communication is integral to success in nursing, and an interviewer will be impressed to see a candidate who is continuously working at improving their communication skills.


One of the most desirable components in a person’s resume is their open availability. Does a person have the time to put in the hours necessary? If the candidate offers flexibility in their schedule, it means that they are willing to work. A lot can be determined by a person’s availability—whether or not they can come into work last-minute, or whether they are willing or not willing to take on extra hours when necessary. Flexibility can also be related to a person’s ability to work with more than one group of people. Nurses need to work with many people, so flexibility in that area is very important for a person to communicate during an interview.

Candidates can be sure that with Randstad jobs they are well prepared for the interview process and that the interview goes smoothly. Remember how important it is to understand the interviewer’s questions before responding. Be sure to focus on teamwork. Be concise and clear in the area of communication, and be sure to demonstrate flexibility in regard to availability, working groups, and task completion. Find the perfect nursing career, today, with Randstad jobs.

Best First Date

dating1Funny how we always hear about the awful first date stories but rarely hear the great first date stories. Obviously we do experience good first dates or no one would ever go on that second date. If you are struggling to come up with that best first date scenario, here is some help to get you thinking in the right direction.

If your date is new to the area, consider renting a limo, is a great place to rent the limo from, and showing her the sights of the area. This keeps the conversation more about the area than on each other.

Seasonal dates are always a lot of fun. For example in the fall go apple picking or go to a pumpkin patch and find that perfect pumpkin. In the winter there is skiing, and snowshoeing or go for a sleigh ride. In the spring go for a picnic or a walk in the park. Summertime dates could include an outdoor concert, a boat ride, or a drive in movie.

The first date could be as simple as going window shopping or antique shopping. The key is to find an activity to help keep the date moving without going to a restaurant where you are awkwardly sitting across from one another in a more interview type setting. If your date loves books, go to a bookstore.

What brought the two of you together in the first place? Did you meet in a coffee bar or in a grocery store? Find a date that is related to what drawn you to her to begin with. Was it your love for food? Take a cooking class. Did you meet jogging in the park? Go for a run together. If you met at work, try to be a little creative and leave office talk for the office.

First dates usually turn out bad when the expectations are set very high. Keep the expectations in check and bring yourself to the date. Do not try to be someone your not. This will set the wrong tone for your relationship. Keep the date fun and simple. It is easier to get to know someone when they are having a good time.

First dates do not have to be terrifying and they do not have to end badly either. Get some input from your date. Do not put all the pressure on yourself. What if you think going bowling would be a great idea but your date has never bowled and does not want to learn on your first date? Be creative. Skip the mundane dinner and a movie. Plan something fun and be yourself. This first date may just be the best first date ever.

Great Concerts in St Louis

stlouisconcertPeople that makes trips to St. Louis will definitely enjoy themselves if they are looking for entertainment. This is where a lot of people come to perform. Natives and tourists will be impressed with the number of acts that decide to perform in this city.

A calendar of event venues St Louis will give people an idea of what they can expect when they are looking for something to do in the city. Some people may go to the River Front Times website to find out who is coming into the city. This is a concert calendar that has some great information on the artists and where these artists are performing. It even gives people the prices of the tickets. That is one reason that so many people choose to flock to this site.

Ticketmaster is another website that offers a lot of information about people that are coming to perform in the city of St. Louis. What makes this site so great is that users can sign up for an account. Once they make a decision to sign up they will actually be able to get email information that announces ticket sales early. This gives people the opportunity to prepare for certain concerts early.

Other websites like Explore St. Louis and Song Kick are also great sites for people that want to get ticket information on concert days and times. The Song Kick website actually promotes concert venues for lots of local and Indie acts. Explore St. Louis offers a lot of informative about collective performances from artists that perform at festivals.

Some of the great concerts of the year in St. Louis are connected to things like the Fair Saint Louis Concert Series. There are also events like the Blues Week Festival and the LouFest that bring out some of the best artists. It is no surprise to see legendary artists like Mavis Staples and Tracy Adkins at some of these festivals. Acts like Counting Crows and Alice Cooper can come to St. Louis and have some of the best concert in the summer months.

The great thing about St. Louis is that there are so many different places that people can go to. The concert venues are bountiful with places like Busch Stadium, the Family Arena, Power Symphony Hall and the Fabulous Fox Theatre. Blueberry Hill and the Missouri Botanical Garden are also concert venue spots that attract lots of fans.

It is always easier to have a slew of great concerts when there are multiple venues for music arts to performs on. When the right promoters are in place a great lineup of artists can be placed in the St. Louis area for all to enjoy.

Throwing a Concert Full of Local Bands

the band westThere are a lot of concert promoters that want to bring big talent to their cities are states. A person that is in charge of promoting different bands must make sure that they are incorporating both local and big name talent. This is often the best way to get the crowd into the act.

At times there are some people that want to book a concert full of local bands. This can be easy if enough promotion has been done beforehand. It takes a lot of flyers and local promotion to get the word out. It is good to get a lot of social media buzz going. This is the most effective way to throw a concert full of local bands. It takes locals to spread the word to others that are familiar with local acts.

Depending on the location this can become a very successful venture. In Las Vegas, for example, it is easier to get people to come out because there are big name artists that may perform in the city. Sometimes local bands may be having concerts during the day. These bands are not necessarily opening for the big name acts. To the contrary, these bands are just performing in the same areas. This is something that makes it easier to get people to respond to the local band names. The Las Vegas event Usher has become a real showstopper because this is a big name artist. This is the type of things that gets other artists to come out.

It really is a smart move to set up flyers in areas where there are promotions for big name acts. This is the best way to gain exposure and make it easier to obtain support. There are so many people that will come out for big names like Celine Dion, Usher and Janet Jackson. When these artists make this way into any town, especially Las Vegas, people are bound to come out. This also means that some people are bound to know about the local artists that are advertised. This increases the chances that people will attend both concerts.

Another good way to throw a concert with local bands is by getting the artists to perform for free. This is always a good way for an artist to get some exposure. People that are able to produce good music will not mind a free performance if it gets them some more exposure. This is really a good way to get multiple groups out to big crowds all at once. A concert with local bands shows if there is a demand for these artists. It is the best measuring stick for success for growing artists on the rise.

Concerts This Summer

summerconcertGet your Concert Tickets Calgary now to start off the summer right. There are so many great series’ this year that you just can’t afford to miss out and get left out of the loop. Here are some shows that may be heading your way.


  • Justin Timberlake – The new king of pop has just released his latest album and is ready to hit the stage hard. Enjoy the dancing and incredible live show. They say his newer take with high notes and clean lines is incredible.


  • Pink – With her single featuring Fun, this diva is also putting on the show of a lifetime. Don’t miss Pink before she takes a break. See her now.


  • Jonas Brothers – The lovable family is back again. Hear their more grown up sound.


  • Kenny Chesney – Enjoy a night of country soul with the master, Kenny.


  • One Direction – See what all of the hype is about with Concert Tickets Calgary for this group of boys that sounds amazing live. When featured at the Olympics closing ceremonies next to other icons like the Spice Girls, these boys not only held their own. Some critics considered them among the best live artists there.




  • Bring your own water – Enjoy the concert so much more by hacking the experience. The first piece of advice for the new show goer is to bring your own water! While you probably cannot bring in other drinks, as is typical for indoor and outdoor venues alike, you can almost always bring in a water bottle, empty or sealed. Just check online to see the policies of the venue or call ahead of time. If you don’t mind risking dumping the contents or the bottle, just see what they say when you reach the front of the line. Some places allow food, but this is much more rare. Bringing what you can saves money and hassle of trying to get to the bar through the crowd.


  • Embrace it – Yes, Concert Tickets Calgary will be loud, especially if you stand near the font or by speakers. But this is a concert and you must embrace that you might not be able to hear normally for a few hours afterward. It is just something you have to do at least once in this lifetime. If you love the crowd all singing in unison and the heat and volume, then this is the perfect place for you.



  • Check out the new bands – There are often a couple of opening bands. Check out what is up and coming and get a scoop on the next big thing by showing up on time.


  • Just bring cash – Any Concert Tickets Calgary veteran will tell you to just bring cash. That way you do not have to worry about losing your credit card. Many places only accept cash anyway.

Toilets or Works of Art?

Aside from basic function and design rarely much thought goes into a public restroom. However, Roto Rooter, which is a company that knows all about toilets, has done some research and found some incredible bathrooms.

Some of these bathrooms, which are both personal and public, are outrageous like the bathroom made of gold, or the underwater toilet. There is even a bathroom made by an artist to appear see-through.

Take a look below at some amazing bar bathrooms, and bathrooms that have been created as tourist attractions while still being full functional. You decide of these are just merely waste receptacles and plumbing, or if these are actually creative works of art!

bathrooms, weird bathrooms, plumbing, plumbers, toilets

Creating the Ultimate Home Theater

Everyone dreams about having the perfect setting in their house to watch a movie. People have been trying to replicate the experience they have in the movie theater to much success. The types of home movie theaters differ depending on the means of the person that’s trying to build them. A wealthier person will go all out and produce something that’s exactly like your local movie theater. Average people would purchase a big television and a comfortable chair to put in the most laid back room of their house and good lighting. To learn about lighting click here. It doesn’t matter what you put into your home theater as long as it creates the best viewing experience for you. With the multitude of different sites that are selling supplies for home theaters out there, you sould have no problem getting the most bang for your buck. You have to look around at the most locations possible in an effort to get the best deal.Home-Theatre-Design

The main part of your home theater is the surface on which you view your television shows or movies. If you don’t have the money to invest in the other parts of your theater, you should at least put it into this one area. In the case of theater screens and larger television sets, you’re going to get what you pay for if you decide to spend less than what you originally planned. You want a viewing surface that comes with all of the bells and whistles while also saving you considerable amounts of money in the process. Sometimes this is hard to come by, but you have to look hard enough to locate what you need. There are other people out there who are looking for great deals just like you. You have to be that much more persistent in order to keep them at bay for as long as possible. There’s no reason for you not to save money in multiple areas of your home improvement project.

Home theaters are things that most of us might think are out of reach. Little do we know that with a little bit of planning we can get the home theater of our dreams. It’s important to go into this project without any expectations. They have a plan in place for what they’re going to do for their home theater. If they have a plan that’s too ambitious, they’re going to end up going far beyond the original budget they set before the project started. The stuff that you purchase for your home theater doesn’t have to be top of the line. Some items might have new models out, but those recent releases aren’t far off from their previous counterparts. You have to weigh using one piece of equipment over another and determine what will be best for your theater. It doesn’t matter what devices you choose as long as they work together in the right way to produce the best experience. Your home theater needs to work to meet your needs, not those of the people who might have come into your life late.

Top Outdoor Date Ideas

fun date ideasDuring the next few months, don’t be afraid to take advantage of the wonderful summer weather. It allows you to get creative with outdoor dates and opens up windows for some fun activities. We know that it can be hard to come up with creative ideas for dates, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorites.

1. Kite flying. Go to a local park and find the perfect spot for flying kites. If you are feeling extra creative, you can make the kites before you go fly them. This date allows time for conversation and getting to know one another.

2. Go hiking. Summertime if perfect for exploring. Find a hike that neither of you have ever done and go on the adventure together. This date also allows for great conversation.

3. Water adventures. Find a nearby lake or river and choose a fun water activity. Rafting or tubing is always a fun activity for a date.

4. Hot tubing. For a fun night date, hot tubing is always a great idea. Bull Frog Spas portable spas and hot tubs have a variety of options if you are looking into buying one for yourself.

5. Play a sport. Summer is prime time for playing sports outside. Volleyball, golf, baseball, and kickball are all great options. Plus, this lets you get a look into the competitive side of your date.

Soak in all of summer that you can. Your date will have a blast with any of these activities and will appreciate that you took the time to plan it out in advance and to plan something fun for the summer.