Nursing Interviews Can Be Very Tough: Here Are a Few Tips for Success

nursingRandstad jobs are an excellent place to start when a person is searching for nursing positions. Planning an interview for a job in healthcare can be challenging and stressful, but with a few straightforward guidelines and some preparation, a nursing interview can go smoothly. The following pointers are explained in this article: understanding the question; the importance of teamwork; clarity in communication; and how flexibility can make or break an interview. Read ahead to ensure the interview process goes as smoothly as possible.

Understand the Question

Oftentimes, during an interview, a candidate does not take the time to fully understand the question before they begin to provide a response to the question. It is acceptable to ask the interviewer to clarify the question, with more description, so that the question can be answered appropriately. Asking for clarification can actually be a positive thing because the interviewer will see how the candidate is conscientious of providing a thorough response.


In the nursing field, teamwork skills are absolutely essential. For a person to be able to thrive in their nursing career, it is very important that they are able to adapt to changing environments, which includes working with new colleagues on an ongoing basis. It is highly valuable, during the interview, for a candidate to demonstrate their ability to work as a team member.


An excellent nurse is a person who is able to communicate their needs and other important information to their colleagues, and also to the interviewer. Communication skills do not necessarily mean that a person cannot make a mistake during an interview. Communication skills can mean that a person is quick to say that they are nervous for the interview, for example. Communication is integral to success in nursing, and an interviewer will be impressed to see a candidate who is continuously working at improving their communication skills.


One of the most desirable components in a person’s resume is their open availability. Does a person have the time to put in the hours necessary? If the candidate offers flexibility in their schedule, it means that they are willing to work. A lot can be determined by a person’s availability—whether or not they can come into work last-minute, or whether they are willing or not willing to take on extra hours when necessary. Flexibility can also be related to a person’s ability to work with more than one group of people. Nurses need to work with many people, so flexibility in that area is very important for a person to communicate during an interview.

Candidates can be sure that with Randstad jobs they are well prepared for the interview process and that the interview goes smoothly. Remember how important it is to understand the interviewer’s questions before responding. Be sure to focus on teamwork. Be concise and clear in the area of communication, and be sure to demonstrate flexibility in regard to availability, working groups, and task completion. Find the perfect nursing career, today, with Randstad jobs.

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