Throwing a Concert Full of Local Bands

the band westThere are a lot of concert promoters that want to bring big talent to their cities are states. A person that is in charge of promoting different bands must make sure that they are incorporating both local and big name talent. This is often the best way to get the crowd into the act.

At times there are some people that want to book a concert full of local bands. This can be easy if enough promotion has been done beforehand. It takes a lot of flyers and local promotion to get the word out. It is good to get a lot of social media buzz going. This is the most effective way to throw a concert full of local bands. It takes locals to spread the word to others that are familiar with local acts.

Depending on the location this can become a very successful venture. In Las Vegas, for example, it is easier to get people to come out because there are big name artists that may perform in the city. Sometimes local bands may be having concerts during the day. These bands are not necessarily opening for the big name acts. To the contrary, these bands are just performing in the same areas. This is something that makes it easier to get people to respond to the local band names. The Las Vegas event Usher has become a real showstopper because this is a big name artist. This is the type of things that gets other artists to come out.

It really is a smart move to set up flyers in areas where there are promotions for big name acts. This is the best way to gain exposure and make it easier to obtain support. There are so many people that will come out for big names like Celine Dion, Usher and Janet Jackson. When these artists make this way into any town, especially Las Vegas, people are bound to come out. This also means that some people are bound to know about the local artists that are advertised. This increases the chances that people will attend both concerts.

Another good way to throw a concert with local bands is by getting the artists to perform for free. This is always a good way for an artist to get some exposure. People that are able to produce good music will not mind a free performance if it gets them some more exposure. This is really a good way to get multiple groups out to big crowds all at once. A concert with local bands shows if there is a demand for these artists. It is the best measuring stick for success for growing artists on the rise.

Concerts This Summer

summerconcertGet your Concert Tickets Calgary now to start off the summer right. There are so many great series’ this year that you just can’t afford to miss out and get left out of the loop. Here are some shows that may be heading your way.


  • Justin Timberlake – The new king of pop has just released his latest album and is ready to hit the stage hard. Enjoy the dancing and incredible live show. They say his newer take with high notes and clean lines is incredible.


  • Pink – With her single featuring Fun, this diva is also putting on the show of a lifetime. Don’t miss Pink before she takes a break. See her now.


  • Jonas Brothers – The lovable family is back again. Hear their more grown up sound.


  • Kenny Chesney – Enjoy a night of country soul with the master, Kenny.


  • One Direction – See what all of the hype is about with Concert Tickets Calgary for this group of boys that sounds amazing live. When featured at the Olympics closing ceremonies next to other icons like the Spice Girls, these boys not only held their own. Some critics considered them among the best live artists there.




  • Bring your own water – Enjoy the concert so much more by hacking the experience. The first piece of advice for the new show goer is to bring your own water! While you probably cannot bring in other drinks, as is typical for indoor and outdoor venues alike, you can almost always bring in a water bottle, empty or sealed. Just check online to see the policies of the venue or call ahead of time. If you don’t mind risking dumping the contents or the bottle, just see what they say when you reach the front of the line. Some places allow food, but this is much more rare. Bringing what you can saves money and hassle of trying to get to the bar through the crowd.


  • Embrace it – Yes, Concert Tickets Calgary will be loud, especially if you stand near the font or by speakers. But this is a concert and you must embrace that you might not be able to hear normally for a few hours afterward. It is just something you have to do at least once in this lifetime. If you love the crowd all singing in unison and the heat and volume, then this is the perfect place for you.



  • Check out the new bands – There are often a couple of opening bands. Check out what is up and coming and get a scoop on the next big thing by showing up on time.


  • Just bring cash – Any Concert Tickets Calgary veteran will tell you to just bring cash. That way you do not have to worry about losing your credit card. Many places only accept cash anyway.

Celebrity Cars – And What it Costs To Insure Them

These cars are hot and are all owned by celebrity’s.  With a nice price tag to match, your insurance bill might not be as bad as you think when comparing them to this.  But the people at Cheap Car Insurance know how to put together nice looking bunch of cars, especially Jay-Z’s Maybach that he uses in his music video with Kanye.  Speaking of Kanye check out his Lambo here as well.


What If Cities Were Celebrities

Every major city has a reason it draws so much attention to itself, just as celebrities draw others to them.  Similarly each city has a personality that is similar to people.  So what better to do than find matches for the two, just as the people at Movato did.  Ever wonder which celebrity represents some of your favorite cities… check out the match ups here.

What if cities were celebrities?

Filmography Tips

videographerSome people say they knew they wanted to make movies the first time they held a camera.  Others say they longed to make movies after watching a brilliant film.  Are you interested in the art of movie making?  Here are some filmography tips:


Learning the Shots

The more information you want your viewers to receive the longer the shot.  A man standing near a telephone booth on a hot day by a body of water says more than a man shown from the waist up at that same location. This shorter shot is called a midshot.


Your camera shot might need to be adjusted for practical reasons.  In your long shot are there too many people in the background?  Are they taking the focus away from your main character?  Then you might need to turn your long shot into a full shot.  This will keep the focus on your main character.


Character Story

Is your main character realizing something pivotal to the storyline?  Convey this to the audience with an extreme close up.


Type of Shot

Have you wondered when it’s the right time to use an undershot, or an overshot?  Why would a director call for a zoom in on a swan in a pond or a red leaf on a tree?  What do these two things symbolize?  If two people are talking at a table should the camera be over the shoulder of one person?  Or should it be over his head?


Learning the Ropes

As you focus on becoming better at filmography, it might be a wise idea to consider going to school. Seek out a Los Angeles film school to help you perfect your craft. With the right education, and the right school, you will enjoy success. There are not only many benefits to attending school, but you can enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Distance-learning
  • Beginner to Advanced courses
  • Schedule flexibility


Learning to Make Decisions

One skill many people learn during their education at film school is how to make a fast decision. While you may think you already do this, you will quickly learn the difference in school. Even with the best script, planning, and direction, things happen and you need to think on your toes. As a director, you will find that nature can play a huge role in your directing. While a shot may not have called for rainclouds, you now have to deal with them in the background. Learning to make a quick decision can make or break the outcome of your film.


Film school is exciting and a fun way to experience a different side of your creativity. If you know you have a passion for making movies, reward yourself with the education you need to start making a name for yourself.

The 12 Most Inspiring Women on Pinterest


While other fads are seeing an end, Pinterest just keeps on going.  Pinterest is current worth around 2 billion dollars and has somewhere around 25 million users.  That is a pretty amazing accomplishment seeing as the company has only been around for 3 years.  With an amazing concepts such as this its obvious some have taken it to the limits and utilized this as a way to get their name out there.  This blog post was nice especially for me as a new user to know who to look to for some examples on how to organize and find cute ideas.  The 12 most inspirational women on Pinterest blog done by Inspire My Life is so neat because truly each one of these women shared a similar at least one similar interest with me from cooking to fashion and on. What might surprise you is that Oprah, one of the leading names in the women universe is not even number one.  Check out this cute blog and find some more things to add to your personal page.  Keep pinning!  read on…

Figuring Out If Your Investments Are Protected When Insider Trading Happens

insider_trading_091204_mnInsider trading can have a devastating effect on both the stock market and your own personal investments. The thought of insider trading is enough to get people to lose faith in the market and look for alternative investment strategies. If you want to make sure your investments are protected from insider trading, you need to understand what insider trading is and how it can affect the entire market.

What is Insider Trading?

Insider trading is a term that describes situations where an investor sells or buys quantities of a stock based on a tip that has not been publicly disclosed. Insider trading is notoriously hard to prove or regulate, despite the laws that have been put in place to prevent it. Employees are allowed to buy or sell stock in their own company as long as they disclose it first – it is only considered insider trading if they do not disclose their activities or if they provide a tip about the company to another shareholder before the news has gone public.

Signs that Insider Trading May be Occurring and its Effect on the Market

It’s almost impossible to tell whether or not insider trading is taking place. One way is to see if a steady stock drops or rises drastically without any announcements from the company. Without any public information to go on, it can be a sign that insider trading is taking place if people are either buying or selling large quantities of stock in a stable company. If these fluctuations happen in the weeks leading up to a major announcement, there is a chance insider trading has taken place. When insider trading is proven to have taken place it can have a negative effect on the market, as other investors rush to dump the stock they had in the company or stop investing altogether.

Is Your Investment Safe If Insider Trading Occurs?

Unfortunately, there is no surefire way that you can guarantee your investment will be secure if you have stock in a company that has fallen prey to insider trading. The best option that you have is to use legal software to follow the market from your own computer, staying up to date on the market fluctuations as they happen so that you can make an informed decision about what to do with your finances.

When you invest your money you always take a risk, but you shouldn’t have to worry about other people’s illegal activity affecting your future. Insider trading is a problem that will continue to happen, but by following the market with investment software you can make sure you always know what’s going on. There are many legal software options on the market that can help you with this.

The Rise of Taylor Swift

With so many “Pop Icons” to look to today it’s nice to see one that seem to care about more than what she is going to wear tomorrow.  Taylor Swift (T-Swizzle) has an interesting back story to her career in music, and has done a lot to support charities while still making it big with her last album Red, which sold 5.4 million copies.  Check out what drives Taylor here with this info graphic set up by, and what songs were written for which famous ex-boyfriends.


American Idol’s Most Awkward Moments

nervous sweating, american idol awkward moments,

With the new season of American Idol there have been some pretty awkward moments between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey. Season 12 hasn’t even finished yet and there’s bound to be more drama.

Sweatblock, a leading resource for hyperhidrosis, knows all about nervous sweating and has done their research on the most awkward and anxiety filled sweaty moments of American Idol’s past seasons. Continue reading

(image: courtesy of

Walking Dead Timeline

Millions of viewers watched as AMC wrapped-up the second season of The Walking Dead. It’s no secret that Americans have a love of zombies, vampires, and many things dead when it comes to current trends in movies, books and television.

Below is an interesting info graphic, brought to you by Comcast, with a Walking Dead timeline. Take a look back over some of the most epic moments, zombie kills, heart wrenching goodbyes, and many things dead with this graphic.

See if you agree with what Comcast has to say about some of these moments. Don’t miss out! Check out the graphic below!

The Walking Dead Top Kills