Layla Anna-Lee, Bio

LaylaannaleeLayla Anna-Lee is a dynamic announcer and host for various television programs, the one for which she is best known is the London 2012 Olympics. In addition to this she was also the Olympic voice for the 2012 Volleyball competition. She has also appeared in numerous music videos, television commercials and shows, live presentations and international ad campaigns.

Layla Anna-Lee was born and raised in West Hampstead, London. She enrolled at a very young age at the Sylvia Young Theatre School and scored her first acting gig at the age of only six – a fairy liquid commercial. Fairly early on in her acting, modeling and presenting career she decided that her main field of interest was in sports. Having made the decision it is in this field which her already wide ranging accomplishments are most varied.

In 2008 she was hand picked for the voice of BMX’s World Championships for Eurosports. This was the turning point in her career; the executives from BMX were so impressed with how naturally she performed in front of the camera that they asked her back and she happily obliged. Thus she shortly made a return to present for the BMX’s Road Cycling Events.

In 2010 Layla was chosen by the British paid satellite television group, SKY Sports, for whom she still enjoys a lively career. She presented road cycling events for SKY Sports as well as BMX. Two years later she would be personally chosen by Danny Boyle of varied cinematic fame to host the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony and the 2012 Olympic Beach Volleyball Games. After this she received a great deal of recognition for interviewing football legend, Michael Owen about his impending retirement. The interview was not only a success but one which was widely broadcast and web exclusive.

Ms. Anna-Lee also hosted the children’s prime time Saturday television The Munch Box. The Munch Box is a kid’s cooking challenge program aimed at teaching very young children about the culinary arts and is aired on ITV and CiTV respectively. Layla also has hosted the Queens Diamond Jubilee Party at Trafalgar Square and has interview a wide ranging number of Hollywood celebs, from the cast of Twilight to Harrison Ford, as well as lesser known pop culture figures such as clothing designer Vivian Westwood. She has been continuing these interviews with a even wider number of celebrities for the internet site 02 in which her most recent interview was of rap icon 50 Cent.