Great Comic Books

Great Comic BooksA visit to a newsstand reveals a wide collection of comic books sitting next to newspapers and periodicals. You recall how you would read them all night long. You could not wait for your parents to buy the next edition. Comics are printed in a way that appeals to both children and adults. There is a storyline that is told in an illustrated manner. The graphics are masterfully done. Every comic represents a hero and a villain. The most interesting thing about comics is that there is no shortage. Dozens are released every week which translate to thousands of copies in a year. In order to build collection of great comics, here’s what you should do:

Identify your genre

With hundreds of titles to choose from, the task of building a collection can be overwhelming. Try visiting a bookstore one day and go to the comics section. You will be amazed at just how many titles there are. Since you have to start from somewhere, identify a genre that you love. It could be science fiction, horror and superhero, medical or social life. By narrowing down your options, it becomes easy to choose titles that go with it.

Locate a comic store nearby

Do some research and find comic stores in your town. Look for comics that go along with your select genres. If you are buying comics for children, they should have pictures that children will love. For you, strong story lines will do. A quick flip through a comic book will give you a hint of what to expect. Check in the preface section for a synopsis on the comic. Choose the titles that have interested you and try them out.

Browse comic titles online

Comic lovers worldwide use the internet to find out which releases are trending. Every year, the adventure stories change but you can always start from somewhere. Read online reviews as these will enlighten you on titles hot from the press as well as what other people are reading. You can also join comic enthusiast groups on social media.

Join a subscription plan

Since comics come out on a periodic basis, subscribing for them minimizes chances of missing out on an edition. Locate the page on the first comic you have bought where the publishers have out a subscription form. Fill and mail it to the address indicated together with your payment. The mode of payment is always specified and you even have a choice between several methods. Online subscription is also possible and is, by far, the most convenient method.

Remember to state your mailing address carefully so as to avoid instances of losing your package. You could also arrange with a comic store to have them keep aside copies of your favorite titles. Visit for a collection of interesting and exciting comics.