Why the Watch is Making a Huge Comeback as a Fashion Accessory

watchA few years ago, a watch was an essential feature for telling time. But now, with everyone carrying smartphones, watches as a timekeeping device are all but obsolete. So why are watches making such a comeback today? Here’s a look at what makes the watch such a great fashion accessory.

The Return of the Watch

Despite the prevalence of mobile devices, watches are still superior in terms of convenience for timekeeping. And what’s more, watches also look great, and can really enhance an outfit. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest trends in watches right now.

Bold and Colourful Watches

These days, many watches are going bold. Bright colours and big lines are the name of the game. This is a good way to spice up an outfit, or accentuate an already bold look. If colours are your thing, try a watch with a replaceable strap. That way you can change out your strap to suit each outfit. Wearing dark colours? Try a bold, bright strap for a splash of colour. Going for a pastel look? A pastel-toned watchstrap is ideal. The possibilities are virtually endless, and trying each one can be a fashion adventure.

Watches for Formal Events

Do you have a formal event to attend? A formal watch is a great way to add some elegance and style to your look. What better way to sparkle than to add some jewellery to your wrist with a sparkling, diamond-studded watch? Or if you prefer a more refined type of elegance, the subtlety of a gold or silver watch can really ground your look. For some great options in formal watches, check out Omega watches at Goldsmiths – there you’ll find great brands as well as some amazing deals.

Watches for Casual Wear

Watches aren’t just formal accessories either. These days, the watch is making a huge comeback as an everyday fashion essential. Watches as a casual accessory give you lots of room to play around, so feel free to have fun and try new things. There are less rules for casual watches, so you can pretty much go with any watch style you like for everyday wear – canvas, leather, silver, black, white, pink – try mixing things up and see what you come up with. Watches are also great for dressing up a more casual outfit. Need to appear more professional but want to remain casual? Try a gold or silver watch with your outfit. Want to dress casually but still dress to impress? Why not show off a bit of bling with a bejewelled watch?

As you can see, even though watches are seen as less of a practical essential these days, they are still very much seen as a fashion essential. Watches are great because there is just so much you can do with them. They can help you to dress up a casual outfit, or vice-versa. They can add an important splash of colour to an outfit. Most important of all, they simply look great.

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